PINA Centre for Creative Financing achieved USD 11.8 billion through the successful facilitation of 20 projects across a variety of sectors at the end of 2019.

These sectors included connectivity, energy, strategic industries, plantation and housing.

The concept of PINA needs to be continued in line with President Joko Widodo’s direction regarding the need for creative financing to attract investors to Indonesia.

President’s direction on the importance of creative financing to attract FDI:

“I appreciate the implementation of breakthroughs such as non-government budget investment financing or PINA that complement our infrastructure financing scheme, in addition to the Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme.”
— The President’s opinion on PINA,
February 2017(1)

“We must invite the investment as broad as possible in order to create jobs opportunity. Don’t be allergic to investments. In this way employment will be as open as possible.”
— The President’s direction on Foreign Direct Investment in Indonesia, July 2019(2)

“Private sector participation through cooperation between government and business entity, non-government budget alternative investment financing, and green finance as an innovative source of financing, all need to be developed.”
— The President’s direction on Creative Financing, November 2019(3)




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