PINA as Enabler—

Creative Financing

PINA implements the idea of creative financing as a solution for investment financing without increasing the leverage ratio, such as: EQUITY FINANCING, PERPETUAL NOTES, and CUSTOMIZED SUPPLY CHAIN FINANCING.

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PINA has helped the time extension for various renewable energy projects, especially mini hydro (which have the expiry date due on December 31 2018 and should have been terminated by the PLN contract), now some PLTMH facilitated by PINA have reached the financial close stage.


Ecosystem Building

Our investors come from all over the globe including the US, UK, Canada and Australia, hence it is within our purview to maintain strong relationship with various level of stakeholders. It is important for PINA to have our own internal acceptance criteria; this will indicate that our stakeholders maintain high quality of operations and governance. Our main objective is to align the interest from both the investors and the investees.


Project Pipelining

We believe that understanding our stakeholders’ needs and connecting them to the right product is paramount to our operation. PINA aims to provide foreseeable and bankable project pipeline to the investors. With our extensive network of potential projects in Indonesia, we can cater to investors with different investment criteria and risk profile.


Navigating and Building

Our team at PINA ensures a transparent and efficient service to our investment partners, both investors and investees. PINA aims to add value by maintaining good corporate governance throughout our service.


Financial Close

Our Process

PINA Center for Creative Financing, to excel as the enabler for both investors and investees looking for sources of creative financing in Indonesia.

Pipelining & Facilitation


PINA socialization

Investee Selection


Investee’s Interest

Acceptance Criteria

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Facilitating Investee & Investor
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Investee Selection

PINA socialization

Investor Risk Profile

Acceptance Criteria

Investor’s Interest